Every time Microsoft releases an update, its serves get slammed. To solve out this problem, Windows 10 downloads updates from other users’ computers. Just like a torrent downloader, this feature of Windows 10 also consumes your bandwidth.

Everyone has a Windows 10 on their PCs, so each person sends few seeds of a file to those who need it. It distributes the load and also makes it easy to get latest updates. This feature is great for users, but not for those who have limited bandwidth. This feature uses up your allotment of data without you even realizing it’s happened.

To turn it off, follow the following steps:

  1. Search for “Check for Updates” and open it.

2. Under “Windows Update“, choose “Advanced Options”.

3. Click on “Choose how updates are installed”.

4. Disable the button under the “Updates from more than one place”.

By doing this, it will stop your computer from acting like a peer-to-peer server. Downside is that it will also stop your from receiving updates’ files seeds from others and you will be stuck with your possibly slower servers.