2016 came, gone and took away many things from us. We lost many superstars, social icons and legends this year. We witnessed many changes in the political scenario this year, with Donald Trump replacing Barack Obama as the president of the year, David Cameron resigned from his prime minister post and United Kingdom voted to leave European Union.

Despite all the bad things the happened, the year had many goods too. Below we rewind all the major things, including the most discussed topics and most watched videos of the year.

Top 10 stories of 2016 in Technology

2016 rewind

In technology sector, we witnessed many ups and downs. From Note 7 battery explosions, iPhone’s disappearance of headphone jack to famous games like Pokemon GO.

Top 16 games trailers of the year

2016 rewind

2016 was a productive year for all the game geeks. Many great games were released and few incredible trailers were revealed for the games’ which are going to be released this year, in 2017.

Most viewed/edited articles of the year, 2016

2016 rewind

2016 wasn’t a good year for the World’s biggest stars. From Mohammad Ali and Prince to Abdul Sattar Edhi and Carrie Fisher, we lost many legends. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Wikipedia revealed that its most edited article of the year of ‘Deaths in 2016’.

Most watched videos of the year, 2016

2016 rewind
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2016, with many other things also proved that people on the internet would watched anything that entertains them, either it is genuinely funny or just dumb. From Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song to a $21,000 first class airplane seat review, every kind of video was in the most watched videos of the year.

Stories that made Pakistanis proud in 2016

2016, for the people of Pakistan, when they lost a star like Junaid Jamshed, a great singer like Amjad Sabri and a world renowned social worker like Abdul Sattar Edhi, it was pretty hard year.

But with all those gloomy moments, Pakistanis still found few moments to cherish. Relive the 5 stories that made Pakistanis proud in 2016.