After bring an end to its Unskippable 30-Second Ads, YouTube is bringing an end to its one of the most annoying features – Annotations. And one big reason to discontinue support for them is because they never worked on mobile devices. As announced on its blog, the feature will be terminated by early May.

Annotations, first introduced in 2008, were largely targeted for desktop. They were never made for the mobile phones and were often horribly misused and proved detrimental to the video watching experience.

YouTube killing off Annotations means the company is putting all its efforts on Cards and End Screen, as these two features are proved to be successful and very much liked among the users.

Even before the company’s announcement, annotations were going out of fashion. According to YouTube, their use had decreased by 70-percent ever since Cards and End Screens were introduced, with most users interacting with them only to close them.

Now that Cards and End Screens are the only ways for content creators to interact with the users, expect YouTube to add more functionality to them in future.