Universal Serial Bus Drive, in-short USB Drive is a great and one of the most used source to transfer digital files and data from one machine to another. If they are lost with your personal data in them, then it is a security issue, but there are many ways that a USB stick can improve your digital security.

While they are small enough to be stolen or even you can forget where did you put them, USB drives are a great source to carry your data with you at nay place. Add some encryption, and you can be reassured that the contents will remain secret.

There are many ways that you can use to secure your data. Below are the few important and easy ones that can be used anytime.

Use Encrypted Partition

The majority of people store their data on USB sticks without consider encryption. Even on devices that ship with an encrypted partition, inputting a password to use the encryption is considered inconvenient.

You must use encryption and password protection for your USB sticks. It is a must thing to do to protect your personal data. There are many great softwares available in the market. You purchase one of them to secure data.


Carry a USB PC in your pocket. Install an operating system on your USB flash drive, so you access it anywhere, anytime.

A USB PC might not be as good as an actual machine, but at-least it will help secure your data and you can use it on borrowed machines or whenever you visit cybercafes. You won’t even have to worry about key-loggers and other hacking tricks like that.

Ship sensitive data

usb security
Credit: RomanR via Shutterstock

Another way a USB stick can improve security is in the shipping of data. Sure, sharing through cloud storage or email are convenient and preferable, but the data on the internet is never secure enough, so using a courier or postal service is arguably more secure.

To get around this, you might secrete the USB flash stick inside something else. Perhaps you’re sending a book: the stick might be hidden in the spine, or even in a hole created by cutting an appropriate shape in several pages. It might be taped into an object of furniture.

USB as a backup device

We all prefer to use cloud storage to make backups, but why not do it on USB sticks? It’s a good idea to have a regular backup of your recent vital documents and there is no better device than USB to do it.

You just have to make sure that your flash drive has enough capacity to store backups and can be accessed when needed. Sometimes you lose the data and you don’t have internet access, then what would you do? So better use USB as a backup device.

Unlock your PC

You can use a USB flash stick to unlock your PC, turning it into a literal key. Several tools are available online to make it possible. The end result is that you have a device that you can plug into your PC or laptop to unlock it, without relying on a password or PIN.

It must be noted that this method is risky and has its own downsides. You lose the key, you won’t be able to access your machine and the data. Similarly, should the key become corrupt for whatever reason, then you’ll be also be locked out. Making some backups is a good idea.