Twitter, a couple days ago, doubled the tweet 140 character limit to 280. As part of the test, the feature is currently available to select users only, but if you want to have fun with more characters, there is a little trick you can pull off right now.

Here is how you do it:

→ Open Tweetdeck at
→ Open Developer Tools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I.
→ Find Sources and click on the arrow below to access Snippets.

Image: The Next Web

→ Once Snippets tab is opened, click the ‘New Snippet’ button and copy/paste the following code on the right.

activate 280 character limit twitter
Image: The Next Web

→ After that, click the Play button below.
→ Now you can tweet with 280 characters.

Bear in mind that this trick works only in Tweetdeck, and you’ll have to run Snippet everytime you want to tweet with 280 characters.

There is also another easy way to enable the feature. Follow the steps here.

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