WordPress released the newest update this month, WordPress 4.7 and with that they made couple of changes. One of them was removing the underline and justify button.

credits: b-website

You can bring those buttons back. In this article, we are going to show you how you can bring underline and justify text buttons back.

Use Re-add Text Underline and Justify Plugin

The method is very simple. First you need to install and activate the Re-add Text Underline and Justify plugin.

After activating the plugin, go to your WordPress Settings » Writing page.

Underline Justify Text Buttons

There in the Editor Style tab, you can select buttons you want to re-add. You can add the underline and justify text buttons, so they will appear in the second row of the editor.

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If you choose to re-add buttons and rearrange, it will put the buttons in the same position as they were before WordPress 4.7.

Underline Justify Text Buttons

Apply your settings, go to Posts » Add New page and you shall be able to see underline and justify text buttons back to their positions.

Underline Justify Text Buttons