Mi Mix 2s iphone x notch

Copying Apple’s iPhone designs is a very common practice among tech companies and Xiaomi is also one of them. Last year company’s original Mi Mix’s edge-to-edge screen made the headlines worldwide, and now a year later, bezel-less phones are a bit more common, with the iPhone X gaining the most attention.

Xiaomi released the Mi Mix 2 this year, and is a pretty great device. And now, courtesy Weibo, it looks like another variation could be in the works. A few alleged pictures of the ‘Mi Mix 2s‘ show a device that looks much like an iPhone X.

Mi Mix 2s iphone x notch

While the iPhone X’s notch is filled with sensors for face recognition, along with a front-facing camera, the alleged Mix 2s’ notch shows has a camera, an earpiece speaker, and a light sensor.

The pictures doesn’t show the entire bottom of the device and the specifications are also unknown at this time, but the internal hardware is probably very similar to the Mi Mix 2.

iPhone X is no exception to display burn-in