amp stories

Back in 2015, Google launched the AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Project to speed up the mobile web. Later in year 2017, it was reported that the company was working on “Stamp,” which would combine AMP pages with an interactive storytelling element. And with the announcement of AMP Stories that project has now come to fruition.

Well, just by looking at the first glimpse, one can easily tell where the inspiration came from; Snapchat of-course, and Google has also imitated Instagram Stories’ top-of-screen timer bars. The images and text on the AMP Stories can be used interchangeably depending on the content, and has been developed specifically for mobile consumption.

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While giving the first impressions, Google also revealed that the company has been working with several content publishers to ready AMP Stories for the final release. Google also has a tutorial and a documentation for reference.

If you want to give AMP Stories a try, head to on your mobile and search for a content provider like Wired or People.

AMP Stories are making their debut in Google Search and will soon expand, most likely starting from the Google Feed.