The first developer preview for the Google’s new mobile operating version — Android O  was launched back in March. Yesterday, at the company’s massive developers conference, the company unveiled new details about the operating system.

Dave Burke, Vice President of Android Engineering, detailed some of the key features of the Android O operating system. Terming the features as “fluid experiences”, he highlighted OS’s picture in picture, notification dots, smart text selection, and autofill.

Here we break everything down:

Image: Google

The biggest and the most notable feature in Android O is the support for picture-in-picture for apps, meaning users will be able to watch a video while doing other activities on device. This comes in handy while, for example watching an instructional video and taking notes at the same time on mobile device.

Notifications are getting major overhaul, too. Instead of clicking through an app like Instagram to see who tagged you in a photo, with Android O, you will just be able to simply long-press the app to display the notification above the app icon.

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In what Google calls Notification Dots, you’ll be able to see a notification via a subtle circle on the top-right of the icon.

Next comes Autofill. In latest update, users will be able to use Android’s autofill within apps, not just Chrome. It is a big help — really — specially when you download a new app — you won’t have to manually enter all personal details to open a new account.

Image: Google

Google’s next version of mobile operating system also improves existing features: Text selection is getting a whole lot smarter. With Android O, the smart text selection will be able to better pick out things like company names and addresses just by double-tapping.

While the world waits until the fall to get Android O, developers can start working with it right now.

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