Android offers many advantages over iOS and the major one is its flexibility and freedom to customize your home-screen to suit your taste. While iOS only lets you set wallpapers – Android lets its users place interactive widgets on home-screen.

Google is finally turning the spotlight on Android’s flexible interface with its new Taste Test micro-site, which recommends home-screen setups that you can enjoy on your own device, based on your design preferences.

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Android Taste Test

‘#MyAndroid Taste Test’ is basically series of question and once you’ve answered a few them about what you like in a home-screen, it’ll generate a bunch of interfaces and explain how you can recreate that on your own device by downloading the wallpapers, launchers, widgets or other things like that.

Taste Test works pretty well and it comes up with a few setups users actually like and also recommends some new icons and launchers.

Of course you will see suggestions to buy and install Google’s products, but other than that, it’s a great way to get started with customizing your home-screen for a fresh look and enhanced functionality.