A former Apple employee has launched a new Reddit client for iPhone and iPad. Named Apollo, the app is a full featured Reddit client with 3D Touch support, customizable gestures and has been built specifically with iOS in mind.

Christian Selig, who was used to work at Apple, spent the last three years working on crafting Apollo. His aim was to built a client “to almost envision what Reddit would look like if Apple themselves built a Reddit app, with all the power, speed and flexibility you could possibly want.”

Apollo offers a lot of features that provide an amazing user experience.

→ Jump Bar, for quick hopping between subreddits
→ Super-charged Media Viewer
→ Powerful Markdown composer for comments and posts
→ Inline Imgur uploading
→ Dark mode
→ Customizable gestures
→ 3D Touch support
→ Touch ID / Face ID / Passcode lock
→ Filtering / blocking
→ Multiple accounts

… and many more

Selig is also welcoming all the feedback he can get to improve the app.

“It’s available for download for free, and I’d love for you all to check it out if you have the chance (and send me feedback over in r/ApolloApp if you have any!).”

Apollo is a free iOS app for iPhone and iPad without ads and it can be downloaded here. For $2.99, you can also get pro-version, which unlocks submitting posts, automatic dark mode, customizing gestures and customizing the app icon.

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