Apple has reportedly fired a iPhone X engineer after he allowed his daughter to film the hands-on mobile video and post it on YouTube. Brooke Amelia Peterson vlog included a trip to the Apple campus to visit her father and it didn’t go well.

The video, though, was taken down as soon as Apple requested it, but it came too late to prevent the clip from going viral. Now, in a follow-up video, Brooke claims her father has been fired.

Brooke says that she and her father understood the decision and weren’t angry at Apple. And maybe the video seemed innocent, the device was an employee only, and it had sensitive information like codenames for unreleased products and staff-specific QR codes.

This isn’t the first time a company has fired their employee for such offence. A Microsoft employee was dismissed after his son posted pictures of the Xbox 360 before its release. According to the reports, the Apple engineer in question had worked at Apple for around four years.

Apple hasn’t said any thing on the matter officially.