Many of us have been using an iPhone from a long, long time but probably none of us ever learned how to use its calculator properly, especially when it comes to backspacing. But as it turns out – there is a secret gesture precisely for that.

As pointed out by one resourceful user on Twitter – @censoreddialogue – Apple has a hidden gesture for backspacing and all it takes to use it is a gentle horizontal swipe – either to the left or to the right – in the field where the digits are displayed.

Each swipe removes one digit, which is by far a better option than pressing ‘C’ or restarting the app anytime you misclick a digit.

Judging by the number of re-tweets, it feels safe to assume that many of us were in the dark before, but the feature has been around since 2012.

And with that, one of the most annoying thing about the iPhone has been solved.