iPhone SE, Apple’s special edition smartphone which was released last year, gets a bezel-less concept from a group of designers for it next model, and boy, that looks insanely good.

Named iPhone SE Plus by the designers at Curved.de, the device is an upgraded version of the iPhone SE, which brought back the 4-inch screen size after Apple started producing the big screen smartphones.

The SE Plus mock-ups has the same form of the existing iPhone SE, but lack bezels and has a larger 4.7-inch display. Moreover, the concept shows the device with an OLED display and TrueDepth front-facing camera. Device further features dual rear camera and more rounded edges.

You can see the images below:

While there is no confirmation from the company, there are several rumors that Apple could, in fact, release a next-generation version of the iPhone SE in the first quarter of 2018.

Via Curved