The patent disputes between two fallen heavyweights whose combined market share is next to nothing is a sad story itself. And we have our first such result of the dispute. Thanks to an arbitration court ruling, BlackBerry has lost the battle to the Finnish company and is asked to pay $137 million to resolve a contract dispute related to payments.

The ruling from November 29th from the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Court of Arbitration marks the end of the patent battle that began in April this year, when Nokia filed a Request for Arbitration.

In a press release after the decision, BlackBerry expressed “disappointment” that the court did not agree with its arguments, but accepted the ruling as well. There are no details about the nature of the patent license contract are available.

On the other hand, Nokia, in its official response, said it was “pleased” with the ruling and that it had already accounted for much of the awarded amount in its financial reports. The company also said BlackBerry’s patent infringement claims are “without merit.”

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