Next version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android O first made it to the news back in late March. Later this month, we got to know more about the OS at the Google’s I/O.

Google announced some of the new features arriving with this version, including a better notification system, a new bunch of Emojis and streamlined updates. While most devices won’t get the update till its launch, if you have an eligible device you can try out the beta version right now.

You can install and test out the newest flavor of Android. But, be aware: if you get the beta update and later decide to revert back to old version, you’ll have to wipe your entire device. So a back up of your device is necessary and make sure you are installing it on secondary device.

Make sure you have an eligible device. Any of the below mentioned will work:

◘ Nexus 5X
◘ Nexus 6P
◘ Nexus Player
◘ Pixel
◘ Pixel XL
◘ Pixel C tablet

Android O: System update downloads can now be paused

Then, head to the Android Beta and sign into your Google Account. On the next page, if you accept the terms, look for your eligible device at the bottom of the page and click Enroll device. After a little while, you’ll get an over-the-air update notification on your phone that will upgrade it to the Android O beta.

Just remember, a beta software is always expected to have some bugs and strange issues. So don’t bother if you face any of those while trying out Android O beta. Although, Google says it’s stable enough for everyday use. If you don’t want to sign up for the beta, then check out what Android O has to offer.