Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Integrating Google’s own payments processing system in to the Google Assistant, you will now be able to buy stuff through Assistant without going to a third-party site.

At its I/O conference today, Google had its major focus on the Assistant. The new feature is no surprise, as you can already save things like your name, address, and credit card number to your wallet. Soon you’ll be able to request things and Google Assistant will show you related list. You will say your orders to Google Assistant, then select to pay from your saved wallet information, and use fingerprint to authenticate the order.

The new functionality does ease up few things as now you won’t have to create a separate account for each vendor or be forced to re-enter your card number every time.

Google allows third-party actions on its Assistant on the phone

The feature will first arrive with Panera as a third-party partner. Google further says it will limit the push notifications so you’re not bombarded with a separate ping for receipts, order confirmation, delivery, and more.

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