Instagram has been announcing some pretty cool features lately. In its latest update, the photo sharing platform now allows users to follow hashtags. The feature has been gradually rolling out over the last 24 hours and makes it easier to follow a specific topic.

According to the reports, that when a user follows a specific hashtag, Instagram uses its algorithms to “pick and choose some of the highlights” from posts that feature that hashtag.

This new feature is bold and an important one. Instagram is putting posts from random accounts to a user’s feed, especially when it would be easy for posters to take advantage of the algorithms. Here is what Instagram says about this:

“The fundamental tension there is, you build a product with a surface that gets popular, it’s a high target for spam,” says Mike Krieger, Instagram co-founder. “We will look at signals on both the posting side and the consumption side.”

“Since we know the tap-through rate, the follow-through rate, the scroll-through rate, we can start saying, ‘this was a bad insertion,’ and down-ranking it.”