Windows 10 S – still not out yet, but we’re learning more about it everyday and what the lighter version of Windows 10 will and won’t be able to do.

Things Windows 10 S won’t do: command-line applications like CMD and PowerShell, won’t be supported. Neither will the Windows Subsystem for Linux that allows the use of Linux software on Windows. The command line applications can be used to diskpart partitioning program that can break things. So, to keep the operating system protected against user error, command line apps are prohibited.

The Windows 10 S default wallpaper.

The restriction against the used of Linux Subsystem is surprising as Microsoft will soon be distributing SUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora environments for WSL through the Store. However, this does not make WSL a “store app,” because WSL is not distributed through the app store.

Windows 10 S users to be left stuck with Edge and Bing

Though people can upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro to remove store-only restriction and that will cost only $49. But for anyone buying the new Surface Laptop, will be able to upgrade to Pro for free if they do so by this year-end.

Other than Windows 10 S, Microsoft will also be releasing next major update to Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update. Coming later this year, the operating system will have a number of accessibility improvements built-in, including automatic generation of image descriptions, system-wide color filters to help color blind people distinguish between colors, and for developers, the ability to use only screen narration by disabling the display.

Windows 10 S: Everything you need to know about