Yahoo hasn’t seen better days from a very long time and it has been in news lately for all the wrong reasons. The company had a data breach in 2013 and in December, 2016 it was reported that 1 billion accounts were compromised as a result. But on Wednesday, Yahoo announced that it now believes a staggering three billion – almost all the user accounts’ data was stolen in 2013.

Not just that, in October 2016, Reuters reported that the company created software at the request of the NSA or FBI to scan through millions of customers’ emails, which raised serious concerns with privacy advocates.

Earlier, security experts like Edward Snowden and Graham Cluely urged Yahoo customers to delete their accounts following allegations.

Yahoo has given its users enough reasons to consider if they should continue to use its services. If you’re concerned, then here is how to delete your account:

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What will it remove?

Deleting a Yahoo account will remove following data permanently:

→ Yahoo! ID
→ Yahoo! Mail data
→ Yahoo! Address Book data
→ Yahoo! Small Business data
→ Yahoo! GeoCities data
→ Yahoo! Briefcase data
→ My Yahoo! data
→ HotJobs data
→ Flickr account

Delete your Yahoo account

Before deleting the account, it should be remembered that Yahoo does “release” usernames and emails so people can re-register them after they’re being deleted. So, if you are okay with someone using your username, which could be used to impersonate you, then proceed.

Image: BI

■ Go to Yahoo’s ‘Delete Your Account’ page.
■ Login with your Yahoo ID.
■ On the next page, click continue.
■ Enter the information it asks you to input.
■ Hit the delete button.

Once you confirm, it normally takes between 40 and 180 days to process. This is to stop people from fraudulently deleting other people’s accounts.

It should also be kept in mind that deleting your account doesn’t change the fact that your data was stolen 4 years ago. But at-least your getting rid of something that has been so vulnerable and has been, probably, spying on you.

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