Recently a report from The New York Times emerged pointing out at Uber buying data about people’s ride usage through, a free service that helps you unsubscribe from email lists and newsletters. isn’t the only one; there are many other services, like Unsubscriber which are free, but may collect your data and give them to the third parties. While such tools come in handy for reducing unnecessary emails from your inbox, you may not be comfortable with companies selling data to the third parties.

A well-known blogger Amit Agarwal has come up with a clever solution for Gmail users, and that includes only a spreadsheet. Click here to copy a pre-configured spreadsheet to your Google Drive, head to the ‘Gmail Unsubscriber’ menu to connect your Gmail account and create a label.

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Once that’s done, head to your Gmail inbox, create a label with the same and apply that label to any newsletter you want to unsubscribe from in your inbox.

The script normally takes 15 minutes to update, after which automatically unsubscribes from the selected emails you’ve selected. You’ll also be able to see a log of messages from which you’ve been unsubscribed in the spreadsheet you copied.

Get the spreadsheet HERE. 

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