New vs. Old emoji.

At Google I/O, the company announced the Android O’s second developer preview with almost no new announced features. But one new update that went un-noticed was the total overhaul of Android’s emoji. Nearly every emoji in Android O has been redrawn and those yellow blob face designs are gone. New emojis are getting 3D shading and a design which is a lot closer to the ones on iOS.

Google has also made it is easier to update the emoji. Previously, emoji were built into the OS, so any change could require a full OS update. But, with Android O, the company has announced a new support library, EmojiCompat for the apps. App developers, by using the new library can display the latest emoji, regardless of what version of Android the app has as the host OS.

Android emoji over the years.

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In O, the EmojiCompat runs on the newly introduced font extensibility system, and for the older operating systems, the library has been back-ported via the support library.