Facebook has announced yet another tool to fight the fake news on its platform and this time it’s directly related to the promotions on Facebook. Company’s product managers, Satwik Shukla and Tessa Lyons explained in a blog post that the pages which repeatedly share news marked as false by its third-party fact-checkers will not be allowed to advertise on Facebook.

The company hopes that this step will help curb the fake news more effectively, as it will cut off potential cash reward a Page receives by advertising false stories:

” … update helps to disrupt the economic incentives and curb the spread of false news, which is another step towards building a more informed community on Facebook.”

The pair further stated that the false news is harmful to our community and the platform is working to fight the spread of false news in following key areas:

→ Disrupting the economic incentives to create false news;
→ Building new products to curb the spread of false news; and
→ Helping people make more informed decisions when they encounter false news.

The Facebook product managers further stated that the disgraced Pages might be allowed to advertise again if they stop sharing fake news, but didn’t specify any timeline for the Pages to behave good before that would happen.

Featured image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images