Earlier this year, the social media giant released a near identical clone of Snapchat Stories in Ireland for beta users. But now the feature has started to roll out more widely.

Facebook Stories

Stories live in a horizontal layout above the News Feed, similar to Instagram Stories. The Messenger shortcut has moved to the bottom center of the screen, and its previous location has been taken over by “Direct”.

Facebook Stories.

The new feature will be available to users in Chile, Greece, and Vietnam initially, but will slowly be rolled out to the rest of the users.

In addition to Stories, Facebook has a separate section for what it calls “Direct,” similar to Snapchat’s feed for one-to-one or group messaging.

facebook stories
A comparison: Snapchat / Facebook

Facebook is trying its best to keep its users stick to the platform and giving a tough a tough competition to the Snapchat.

Earlier this month, Facebook also introduced Messenger Day – a status like feature only for its messenger application.

Snapchat, the inventor of Stories has seen competition from every other social media app. Instagram, WhatsApp and now Facebook – while all these apps has started to look identical in many ways.