Every mobile carrier is pushing for the 5G network by 2019, but despite all those spectrum purchases and announcements, none of them really know what they’ll be working with. But, that’s changing as the 3GPP has finally released the specification for Non-Standalone 5G NR – New Radio – at a meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.

Formalizing the 5G standard is a huge step forward, specially for the carriers and hardware makers as it gives them something to begin moving ahead toward a 5G future.

After approving the standards, the next step for the 3GPP would be pinning down the specs for Standalone 5G.

According to the initial details, the 5G NR will cover wireless bands from 600MHz all the way up to the mid-range 3.5GHz and the highest 50GHz. The final details of the 5G New Radio will be available later this week when the full standard specifications are released.

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