flick facebook

Facebook has recently launched a new product, and it isn’t a tech, instead it’s a new unit of time. Named Flick, the new unit is just like seconds or minutes.

According to the GitHub page published with the announcement, “This unit of time is the smallest time unit which is LARGER than a nanosecond.” A flick is defined as 1/705,600,000 of a second and is roughly 1.41723356 nanoseconds long.

The name is the portmanteau of the phase “frame-tick”. Flicks are designed to measure the individual frame duration for video frame rates. Oculus’ open source C++ library on GitHub allows for easy integration with standard library timing functions.

The idea of a new time unit was hatched back in October 2016 and represented in a Facebook post by Oculus Story Studio Architect Christopher Horvath. And as the result, the flick was constructed so that everything from 24 fps films to 90 fps VR games to 16,000 fps ultra-slow-motion video could measure a single frame in a whole number of flicks – for instance, a 90 fps frame takes up 7,840,000 flicks.

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