Recently there have been reports that some Galaxy Note 8 owners are facing battery issues. According to them, they couldn’t charge or turn on their handsets after the batteries ran dry. While Samsung have been addressing individual issues, a company spokesperson told Engadget that it has received a limited number of reports.

“Samsung is taking all reports of this kind seriously, we only received a very small number of customer inquiries that could be linked to charge management, and unfortunately we can only comment on the matter further,” Samsung said.

This issue appears to do something with the power management and is confined to a relatively small number of users, and also doesn’t appear to be safety-related. It’s an issue that effects some other phones as well.

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Samsung have been advising their affected users to get warranty replacements for their Note 8s, but those who don’t want to replace their devices can try something called stack charging. Plug your charger in and out of phone for 10 to 15 seconds at a time about 30 seconds apart, and by doing so, you could generate enough energy after about 20 minutes or 100 attempts to get your phone going.

“We are unable to comment further until we obtain more specific information from the phone. Any consumers with questions about their device should contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG so that we can help them,” said Samsung spokesperson.

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