Image: pocket-lint

In late 90s, the Psion personal organiser was seen as the original personal digital assistant and the precursor to the smartphones we use today. Now, 20 years later, it’s making a comeback. Named Gemini, the device is from a new startup, but most notably designed by Martin Riddiford, the man behind the original keyboard on the Psion Series 5.

The company named Planet Computers is behind the Gemini. It’s a tiny Android device with an 18:9 ultrawide 1080p screen and a compact full physical keyboard. The device runs on a 10-core MediaTek Helio X27 processor and has 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage + microSD, a 4,220mAh battery, and two USB-C ports.

Image: pocket-lint

Gemini is 15.1mm thick and weighs 308g. There are two models of the device available: Wi-Fi-only and LTE. It runs on stock Android with a customized dock and for those wanting to take things to another level, there’s also a dual boot option to run Linux.

The Gemini sells for $399 and is said to be shipping soon.

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