GitHub Marketplace.

Be it an open source operating system or just a line of code, World’s largest source code depository, GitHub has it all. The platform has now introduced a Marketplace, which will help developers by making it easier for them to find the right tools to improve and fine-tune their existing workflows.

In a blog post today, the company announced it is launching a Marketplace to help its members discover and purchase apps to use across the overall development process.

“Find apps to use across your development process, from continuous integration to project management and code review. Then start using them without setting up multiple accounts or payment methods,” GitHub writes.

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The platform has divided Marketplace into five different categories, which includes code quality, code review, continuous integration, monitoring and project management. In addition to this, the platform offers support for numerous popular apps like Appveyor, Waffle, Sentry, and Codacy.

And finally, GitHub has also made its GraphQL API available for everyone so the developers could use the same API the popular website was built on to create their own tools with greater access to data than ever before.