Days after Google had issued a warning that older versions of some of its apps will stop working in a few months; the company has now announced that Gmail will stop working on Chrome browser version 53 and lower by the end of this year.

Windows XP and Windows Vista are most likely to be affected by this as they run on version 49 of Chrome. This announcement is made months before it’s actually going to happen because of the impact it is going to make on people who still use Windows XP and Windows Vista.

From February 8, 2017, users will see a banner at the top of Gmail asking them to upgrade to current version 55.

If users continue to use older versions of Chrome Browser after the support ends, Gmail will be more vulnerable to security risks. Also, users will not have access to new features and bug-fixes of latest updates.

Google is also taking this step to ensure users’ data security, as more than a million Gmail accounts were hacked in December 2016. To avoid any security risks, users are advised to upgrade their browsers to get the best security features.