At its Google IO conference today, the company has announced its Smart Reply feature for Gmail. Smart Reply uses machine learning prowess to respond to emails. The feature first debuted back in 2015 on Inbox email app and is also available on Android Wear and Allo.

Smart Reply for Gmail.

What Smart Reply does, is that it scans the text of an incoming message, and suggests three basic responses the user can tweak and send. The feature is rolling out in English first, and will be available in Spanish “in the coming weeks,” with other languages to follow.

The company says Smart Reply will adapt to users’ verbal behavior over the time. “So if you’re more of a ‘thanks!’ than a ‘thanks.’ person, we’ll suggest the response that’s, well, more you!” it says.

Google further promises great privacy by saying that no humans will ever see the context of your messages, and that personalization data will never leave your device.

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