December is here and it is the time for another round of updates to Android devices. Google has detailed the latest Android Security Bulletin and the supported Pixels and Nexus phones should begin seeing new builds, starting today.

Last month was the first time we got a Google-specific bulletin and this month, the bulletin also covers issues specific to Google’s devices. But there’s no section for functional updates.

Today, the December 5th, will probably give us our chance to get a look at the new builds. There will be two patch levels this month: 12-1 and 12-5.

Highlights for December 2017

If you couldn’t get updated to November 6 patch, December’s update comes with a fix for the KRACK WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability.

A vulnerability with Android’s framework that allowed malicious apps to get past user interactions requirements has been fixed.

The media framework has been updated to patch a threat that allowed a remote attacker to send out an arbitrary code to your device.

Numerous MediaTek, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm components have been updated with security fixes.