Image: TheNextWeb

Last week, few of the attentive users took to Reddit to point out that the search box in the Chrome’s ‘new page’ tab was not properly aligned with the thumbnails for your most visited websites. That has been fixed now.

After the complaints on Reddit and few of the leading tech websites, Google has rolled out an update for Chrome to correct that nagging asymmetry in the browser’s ‘new page’ tab – so it no longer annoys every time you lay your eyeballs on it.

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Here’s how the ‘new page’ tab looks now:

Image: TheNextWeb

Google product manager Patrick Nepper contacted The Next Web to inform that the fix is already live, but users might have to clean their browser cache to see the change.

“Since it may take some time for the change to be picked up automatically, users can clear their cache and restart Chrome to get this out of sight immediately,” Nepper explained.

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