Google’s AutoDraw.

Drawing isn’t for everyone. Specially drawing on a phone or touch pad isn’t really a piece of cake. But with AutoDraw, Google has launched a new platform that uses machine learning algorithms to match your awful doodles with professional drawings, and converts them in to something beautiful.

AutoDraw can be used both on phone and desktop. You just simply draw your best version of a pizza, or house, or dog, or something else and the algorithm figures out what it is that you’re trying to draw. It then tries to match it with the clean and professional drawings in its database, and if it finds any possible matches, it shows them list at the top. You can then simply select the drawing you think your were trying to draw, and AutoDraw replaces your creation with something a bit slicker.

AutoDraw uses the same technology as Google’s QuickDraw, but it gives you more freedom to experiment. You can give it a try at

If you are an artist, you can also donate your drawings to the project HERE.

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