Google, on 18th of April, announced a cool new feature for Google Maps on iOS platform. In a blog post, Google announced the addition of a feature called Your Timeline, which allows users to keep track of the places they visit.

The new Your Timeline feature is accessible from the slide out menu in Google Maps. Tapping it allows users to easily view the places they have visited over recent time.

Image source: Google

Google further explained that the information in the Timeline interface is easily customizable, allowing users to change things such as names and addresses to ensure that everything is as accurate as possible.

Through Your Timeline feature, Google Maps’ users can view the places, as well as the total distance they traveled and by what method they traveled.

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Google’s explanation of the Your Timeline:

What was the name of that antique store I popped into the other day? Where was that coffee shop we discovered on our last vacation? Did I drop off the dry cleaning on Tuesday or Wednesday? Answering questions like these used to take some guesswork (and a great memory).

But with Your Timeline on Google Maps, Android and desktop users could quickly revisit the things they’ve done and places they’ve been. Starting today, Google Maps users on iOS can join in on the fun and see a daily snapshot of their life as well.

Image source: Google

Download the latest version of the Google Maps from the App Store to make sure you receive the new feature as soon as possible.

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