The HMD Global has announced to relaunch the Nokia 3310 with 3G connectivity for the first time, bringing enhanced coverage to the retro phone.

Nokia 3310 was brought back to life in 2017 and instantly became a huge hit back in February. At that time, device only supported 2G network, which means, in some countries, including the USA, it was of no use.

Introduction of the 3G version means users will now be able to use the 3310 in many other countries as well. 3G should also speed up device’s online connections, however staple apps such as WhatsApp won’t be available due to the limitations of its S30+ operating system.

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Nokia 3310 3G
The Nokia 3310 in azure and charcoal.

The change also appears to have impacted talk-time battery, with the company saying 3G version will offer 6.5 hours of talk-time compared to 22 hours on the non-3G version. However, it will still have up to 27 days of standby battery.

HMD Global also announced two new colors for the device, azure and charcoal, including improved customization so users can edit their home screen and icons.

The Nokia 3310’s 3G version will launch in the UK in October. As for the price, it’s expected to cost €69.