Advertising generates revenue and there are few places where it is acceptable, but a phone’s keyboard is definitely not one of them. The HTC’s TouchPal keyboard, which comes as the default keyboard on many of its phones, has been updated to display ads.

In a recent update to ‘TouchPal Keyboard for HTC,’ which is also referred to as ‘TouchPal Sense Edition,’ the keyboard has started to show ads. The keyboard is bundled on the company’s latest flagships, including the HTC 10 and U11. And as one could imagine, HTC users are not happy at all about the latest update.

In response to the users’ complaints on Twitter, the official HTC account is asking them to uninstall all updates to the keyboard app.

I seems likely that the TouchPal added ads to the keyboard without HTC’s approval. But if that’s the case, then both companies are definitely at fault here; HTC shouldn’t let another company control such a vital component of its products.