On social media and on Instagram, we all click some of the photos that even we don’t like after a period of time passes. Instagram previously gave only two options to its users, either they had to either keep their old, and potentially embarrassing, photos online, or delete them entirely. Now, we have a third option and that’s archiving those photos.

Credits: Engadget

The feature is simple and quite sensible one. Tapping on the three-dots on individual photos, opens up the menu of post options, with archive now taking the top spot. Any images you want to hide from your main page but to remain available for private viewing, you can archive them.

You can now upload photos to Instagram from your PC

While commenting on the new archiving option, Instagram told TechCrunch, “We’re always testing new ways to improve the Instagram experience.”

The company further says it’ll expand availability of archive option in the coming months, so if you don’t see the option just yet, give it a few weeks.