Instagram has added yet another feature for its users, which Snapchat has been offering since 2015. Instagram Face Filters are the augmented reality filters that place fun things on your face when taking selfies. And with that Instagram has successfully cloned Snapchat in almost every way.

Not long ago, selfies weren’t even a thing. And now everyone takes selfies, literally everywhere and anywhere. However, now taking a selfie of normal face is also out of fashion, you have to add a filter to it.

Face Filters.

Face filters are almost identical to Snapchat’s selfie filters. These are animated layers which can make you look like a rabbit or make you picture yourself wearing nerdy spectacles.

> Instagram now allows users to post pics without the app

Along-with the Face Filters, Instagram has also added some new tools. A Rewind feature, which lets you play a video in reverse. Hashtag stickers, to let you add context to the photos. And an eraser brush, which lets you fill a photo with color.

Update your app to v10.21 to try out these new cool features.