After Facebook Stories failed to gain any sort of popularity, Facebook is turning to its photo-centric sister app for the help. In a server-side test first spotted by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra, some users are seeing an option to share Instagram Stories directly to the Facebook. Instagram has also confirmed that the feature is indeed in testing.

After copying Snapchat and introducing Instagram Stories, Facebook added its own version of Stories earlier this year, but the feature hasn’t got much of popularity. So the company is now mixing Instagram content into Facebook, as more users are happy posting disappearing photos and videos to the photo-sharing app.

Instagram Stories get browser support

The company added the Stories to the Instagram back in August 2016 and the feature’s popularity is largely the cause of Snapchat’s downfall. And since that the whole Instagram Stories thing is doing so well, porting it over into Facebook isn’t a bad idea at all.

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