Google, in a bid to help users’ monitor and control the amount of data they use, has released a new Android app. Named Datally, the app shows real-time data usage for each application and gives an easy way to block it from using more in the meantime.

The app shows your daily, weekly or monthly usage in a bar graph and sends you notifications to switch its data saver function on. And to save more mobile data, Google has given Datally the ability to find WiFi hotspots.

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Some of the functions that Datally does are already available for Android devices, but Google, which trademarked the name in 2016, has compiled them into one location. According to Reuters, the app was created by Google’s Next Billion Users, a division that focuses on making the internet more accessible in developing countries.

The app is available for download on Play Store, and the big G claims you can save up to 30 percent data when you install it.