World has seen bezel-less or all-screen phones in 2017 from companies like Samsung and Apple, but Microsoft apparently had chance to become pioneer in the field 3 years ago .. and ruined it. A well known media source, Windows Central has obtained the prototype of an unnamed Windows phone that had extremely thin display bezels. According to Windows Central it was meant to be Lumia 435.

Codenamed “Vela,” the Lumia 435 was going to be a very different handset. Instead of being a boring smartphone, Microsoft was planning to make the device the first ever “all-screen” Windows phone.

Windows Central.

But the idea for the Lumia 435 was canceled in late 2014 and there is absolutely no explanation at all why Microsoft axed this design. Maybe the company decided that the eye-catching screen was too expensive for the intended price point – $200.

An all-screen mobile would’ve been a life saver to the company in the handset department, and Microsoft could have had a visually exciting yet affordable device. In some ways, it also explains why Microsoft’s mobile strategy kept failing to the point where the company effectively quit development and has no further plans for Windows Phones.