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President of the United States, Donald Trump’s recent executive order on immigrants and refugees has led to a sharp kickback by several tech companies. Live streaming app Periscope, owned by Twitter, is adding its own voice to the chorus of criticism.

The app’s loading screen now features a stamp on the bottom that reads ‘Proudly made in America by immigrants.’ Periscope has also put out a blog post criticizing the President’s move:

The recent executive order to halt immigration from seven countries in the Middle East and Africa has forced us to consider a disturbing alternate reality in which the Periscope team is irreparably changed.

Periscope is built, maintained, and operated by people from many faiths and countries. Without immigrants and refugees, Periscope would not exist. For this reason, we are updating the Periscope loading screen to make a simple true statement: “Proudly made in America by immigrants.”

We feel this is an important statement to make about who we are and the real impact of these policies.

Before showing support for immigrants on Periscope, Twitter also criticized the Trump’s executive order openly in a tweet on its platform.

Tech companies are showing support for immigrants, including big names like Google. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the same happen at other companies.