Microsoft is making significant changes to its Windows 10 S which was supposed to be the company’s answer to Chrome OS. Windows 10 S was announced as a dedicated version of Windows for education customers that’s restricted to running Microsoft Store apps. Now both Thurrott and Neowin have discovered that Microsoft is dropping Windows 10 S as a stand-alone product in favor of an S Mode for Windows 10 Home, Enterprise, and Pro.

Image: Neowin

The company’s plan is to reportedly make S Mode available for most versions of Windows 10. This S Mode will essentially lock down any copy of Windows 10 so it can only run apps from the Microsoft Store and the cost of unlocking full access would depend on what you’re running.

Reports also suggest that Microsoft is planning to allow Windows 10 Home users to disable the S Mode free of charge, but Windows 10 Pro customers will be forced to pay $49 to get access to a full version of Windows 10 Pro.