Microsoft finally brings its Edge browser to iOS and Android. Till now, there have been no easy way to, for example, switch from reading a site on PC to reading it on phone or vice versa. The new versions of Edge for mobile fills that gap and provides the much required cross-device experience.

The new Edge mobile browsers are just Edge by name. On iOS, the browser wraps the WebKit browser engine from Safari, while on Android, Edge is built on top of Chromium, Google’s open source counterpart to Chrome.


Right now, syncing is limited to favorites and the reading list, but you can expect Microsoft to take some time before making all the important features available. The company is said to be working on synced tabs and browser history.

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You might expect Edge on iOS and Android to be restricted to Bing, but actually there’s an option for the choice of Google or even Yahoo. Microsoft hasn’t added any built-in ad blocker and settings are also limited to toggling password, blocking pop-ups and cookies and clearing browsing history.

microsoft edge mobile ios android

It should be noted that the Edge’s syncing and Launcher’s “continue on PC” requirs the forthcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Microsoft, with the release of Fall Creators Update, plans to take the cross-device experience to a whole new level, and what we have with the Edge on mobile, is just the first step.

Launcher and Edge for Android are available in the Play Store, while for the iOS, Microsoft uses Apple’s Testflight beta system and you can sign-up here to get your hands on it. Microsoft plans to release final version of the Edge Mobile to all users by the end of the year.

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