Say goodbye to Windows Phone 8.1. The death of Microsoft’s Windows device is caused by the company officially ending support for its aged mobile OS – which means the users who still own the device will no longer receive updates. It also marks the end of a journey and paves the way for Android and iOS to rule the market.

Microsoft ends support Windows Phone 8.1
Credits: Microsoft

With the death of 8.1, Microsoft is burying its Windows Phone brand after starting it back in 2010. The company initially recieved praise for its mobile devices and the mobile OS, but the lack of compelling devices, crucial features and popular third-party apps slowly led to its demise.

What’s next for the Windows Phone? After the start in 2010, Microsoft’s mobile OS was never a real rival to Android or iOS. Lately, the company has been working on many cloud-based and cross-platform apps, so the Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t seem like much of a priority for the company anymore.