Microsoft is continuing its efforts to make Windows 10 more user friendly. In a latest test, the company is introducing a new search interface for Windows 10. Live in the build 17040, the search bar floats across the screen and is more user-friendly for keyboard users.

If you are a Mac user, and you are aware of the Spotlight search interface, the new Windows search interface looks just like that. It can be accessed anywhere or anytime by just pressing the Windows+S keys.

As it is evident from the image above, the new interface gives more precise results, while users can chose between either computer search, web search or documentation. Web results are shown on the right side of the search results. And users can search images, news and more right in that search windows.

With that, Microsoft is also working on a “Near Share” feature. Powered by Bluetooth, this new feature will allow you to share any type of file to any Windows PC nearby. You’ll just need to select a file and select “send to nearby PC”. Windows, then, will automatically find the nearby PC and you can select it to send your files.