Say hello to the Microsoft’s new Surface Pro laptop.

First things first, Microsoft has dropped the numbering system from the Surface Pro line, taking a MacBook-like approach of simply differentiating its devices by release date. And we’re getting a surprisingly robust upgrade.

Battery life is always a big factor, and Surface Pro has plenty of it. According to the Microsoft, on the i5 model, the company has increased the battery life to 13.5 hours of video playback, which is way up from the 9 hours for the the Surface Pro 4 – and 35 percent better than the iPad Pro.

Surface Pro.

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One of the most common complaints about Surface Pro series has been its battery life, so we hope that the official number translates decently into real-world usage.

For those who love to use the touch panel to draw, Microsoft has updated Surface Pen – which also comes in fancy new colors and supports tilting motions. Pressure sensitivity has quadrupled to 4096 levels and latency has been cut from ~45 milliseconds to 21. Microsoft claims that it’s “twice as responsive as the Apple pencil.”

As far as the outside look goes, the Surface Pro is pretty similar to the Surface Pro 4, but the vents are less noticeable, as the company has removed the fans on the core m3 and i5 configs.

Starting from today, the new Surface Pro will be up for pre-order starting at $799, and will ship on June 15. The Type Cover isn’t included in the price, which costs $159 for the alcantara and $129 for a plain black one.

Surface Pen, priced at $99.

Other than the covers, The Surface Pen is also a separate, $99 purchase, which is kind of baffling as the pen is arguably the most integral to the Surface Experience.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also announced an LTE model for the first time later this year, though the company has not announced any pricing or exact availability yet.

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