Gaming market has been on an incredible rise since last year. After PC Gaming market reached $30 Billion; an all-time high, the mobile gaming market also sees rise in 2016, and grows to the record heights of $40 billion. The growth represents a rise of 18 percent in a year and is now worth almost half of the world’s digital gaming market.

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Obviously, this means that people now are playing more games than ever before, and once again it is the developing markets experiencing the biggest boom.

The time spent on gaming rose by 12 percent on iOS, which is by far the preferred platform for mobile gaming, and 9 percent on Android – which is still the larger market with 78 percent of gamers. The average time spent gaming now stands at around 30 minutes each.

The Asian market generated 62 percent of the combined revenue, earning developers $24.8 billion, followed by North America – $6.9 billion, and Europe – $5.7 billion.

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Genres popular among the gamers include puzzle, action and simulation-based games. VR – Virtual Reality also emerged as a potent platform, with revenue of $1.8 billion throughout the year on 6.3 million units sold.