Netflix, on Sunday sent out a tweet that was aimed at a subset of its users over an open fire. The tweet was a joke towards users who are obsessively watching its heavily promoted holiday movie “A Christmas Prince.”

A Christmas Prince.

“To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?” the tweet said.

The tweet got laughs and it has been re-tweeted more than 100k times, but it also stirred up some backlash — and made the company’s subscribers begin to consider just how closely Netflix is watching its users.

Even though the tweet was clearly for fun, it didn’t sit well with many of the users as they called it “creepy.”

People, though are freaking out but, Netflix, on the other hand is definitely monitoring their viewing habits and it says as much in its Privacy Policy.

“Information we collect automatically: We collect information about you and your use of our service, your interactions with us and our advertising, as well as information regarding your computer or other device used to access our service (such as gaming systems, smart TVs, mobile devices, and set top boxes).

This information includes:

– your activity on the Netflix service, such as title selections, watch history and search queries.”

A lawyer specializing in privacy and social media, Bradley Shear says that the marketing messages like this don’t violate companies’ privacy policies. Netflix may be sharing viewing information, but not in specific ways.

“People really need to become more cognizant of what data companies are collecting,” Shear added.

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